2019 Toyota Mirai: Range, Price, Specs

The Toyota Mirai is the brand’s first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle made for the mass production. It is a four-door sedan which debuted in 2016, and for now, it is only sold in Europe, Japan, and California. It attracts with its modern and futuristic appearance, and cozy, luxurious, and very pleasant interior. However, the most innovative quality of the Mirai is found under its hood, and it is the fuel cell technology. The manufacturer claims that it is the future of motoring which is a full zero-emission vehicle. At the moment, the newest version of this vehicle is the 2018 model year, but the carmaker has also announced the newer 2019 Toyota Mirai.

However, the 2019 model year will probably remain mostly unchanged from the current model but it is said that it is going to be a bit smaller and less expensive. The Mirai is offered in one trim level only and has several new options. Generally, it has good ratings, but if you want a vehicle with longer range, better capability, nicer design, and better performance, then the Honda Clarity fuel cell might be a better choice. Nevertheless, the Mirai provides better range compared to the most of electric vehicles which makes it worth considering.

2019 Toyota Mirai

2019 Toyota Mirai powertrain

The 2019 Toyota Mirai will have the same powertrain as the 2018 model year. It uses a fuel cell engine which has the output of 153 horsepower. As well, it is powered by the oxygen from the air and hydrogen from the pair of tanks which are placed behind the rear seats and they produce electricity and vapor. As for the acceleration, it is able to reach 60 mph in around 9 seconds. Furthermore, the Mirai has the range of 312 miles.

2019 Toyota Mirai rear

Design of exterior and interior

The 2019 Toyota Mirai shouldn’t differ from its predecessor in the terms of the exterior styling. It features a really unique design which many find not attractive at all. Surely, it looks modern, and perhaps too much futuristic with its prominent lines and surfaces. The front end is characterized by massive air intakes and very slim headlamps equipped with multi-LED lighting and which give it a bit menacing appearance. They also include the standard automatic high beams which provide better visibility at night.

The interior of the 2019 Toyota Mirai is quiet, comfortable, and looks very modern. The seats are sufficiently cozy and the front ones are heated too. It is able to welcome up to four passengers since there is a plastic insert between the rear seats. Speaking of the safety, it comes standard with a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warning, and lane-departure warning. Moreover,  the standard equipment also includes power doors, windows, and locks, a premium audio system, navigation, and heated steering wheel. However, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto won’t be available.

2019 Toyota Mirai cabin

Release date and price

The release date of the 2019 Toyota Mirai is not yet known for now. Its price should be a bit lower than before, but we cannot say for sure how much. The price of the current version is around $58,500.

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