2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift, Specs, USA

It’s no secret that the Japanese manufacturer has a plethora of models that are designed for specific markets. The Fortuner is one of them. Introduce almost 15 years ago, this body-on-frame SUV seems perfect for tough roads of Australia, Russia, India, and several more countries. Despite most the markets are actually developing countries, this SUV doesn’t lag behind in any aspect, compared to globally-offer vehicles. Therefore, it’s not strange that some reports even suggest its arrival in North America. In any case, the 2020 Toyota Fortuner is expected to receive a facelift.

The current generation has been around since 2015, so the next year seems like a perfect time to see changes. At this point, we are still waiting for more precise details, but we expect to see all those novelties that are typical for mid-cycle updates. This means a fine portion of styling changes, while interior tweaks also seem possible. Finally, count on more standard equipment. The 2020 Toyota Fortuner should hit the market in the last quarter of the year.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift

2020 Toyota Fortuner Exterior Changes

The 2020 Toyota Fortuner facelift is about to bring a fine portion of novelties. Of course, most of them will be in terms of styling. On the other side, base design characteristics are about to remain untouched. Therefore, count on familiar mechanics and overall design, the aspects that are largely shared with the iconic pickup, HiLux, which has also received updates in recent time.

This facelift will be mostly about aesthetics. We expect to see new details on the front end, things like new headlights, grille, bumpers etc. The front face should be designed in such a way to resemble North American models like Tacoma and 4Runner. Still, it will be slightly different compared to the HiLux, in order to accentuate its distinctive character. The rear end, though, is expected to remain untouched. Of course, count on those typical changes, such as new sets of wheels, new colors etc.


On the inside, we don’t expect too many changes. Simply, the current cabin already looks quite attractive. Materials are fine, while the dashboard features stylish lines, especially the massive center stack, which combines digital and analog controls. For the next year, the best we can see is some new color schemes and a couple of new standard features. other than that, things are about to remain the same. Although the Fortuner isn’t too large SUV, it comes with standard three rows of seats. Still, keep in mind that the third row is pretty tight, just for kids, we would say.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Specs

2020 Toyota Fortuner Engines

Given the fact that we are talking about a vehicle that is closely related to HiLux, it seems logical to share most of the parts, including powertrain. Exact 2020 Toyota Fortuner specs depend on the specific market, by some engines are common pretty much everywhere. This mostly refers to a well-known 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine, which delivers 177 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque. Also, you can get a smaller 2.4-liter diesel unit, which is good for about 150 horsepower.

When it comes to gasoline engines, the first choice would probably be a reliable and powerful 4.0-liter V6, which delivers around 278 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque. If you are for something smaller, go for a 2.7-liter unit, which is good for 160 horsepower.

Release Date and Price

Expect the see the new model sometime in the last quarter of the next year. When it comes to Toyota Fortuner 2020 price, it depends on the market. In Australia, base models will go under 50.000 Australian Dollars.

2020 Toyota Fortuner USA

Is there are a chance to see the Fortuner in North America?

In the past few months, we’ve been hearing reports about possible 2020 Toyota Fortuner USA model. The main reason for that lays in the fact that the company’s current U.S. mid-size SUV, the 4Runner seems pretty outdated. Therefore, the Fortuner would be a great alternative for all those who are searching for something more capable compared to a common crossover. However, such a scenario probably won’t happen. The Japanese manufacturer is developing a new generation in mid- and full-size SUVs, which should come in a couple of years. Until then, the current-generation 4Runner will remain on the North American market.

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