2020 Toyota FT-4X Specs, Release Date, Price

After great reception of the concept version, it looks the company has finally decided to start with serial production of this small SUV. Two years ago, we saw a concept SUV that attracted a lot of attention, mainly because of its interesting design. Still, this is actually much more than a fancy-looking vehicle. It is designed to offer excellent off-road performances, to be a real SUV and not just another fancy crossover. Latest reports are suggesting that the production model will come in the next year, probably as the 2020 Toyota FT-4X. Allegedly, the production version will keep the name, as well as most of the design characteristics. This definitely sounds promising, as we believe that the concept version has all the qualities to become a successful model. It should be a great alternative to an overflowed crossover markets, something with an exotic look but yet highly capable.

2020 Toyota FT-4X

2020 Toyota FT-4X Design

Not so long ago, many considered Toyota a bit boring carmaker. However, things have changed in the past few years, so there are now several attractive models in the lineup. This mostly refers to crossovers. Still, the Japanese manufacturer also wants to offer something that will also attract young drivers, but also offer excellent capabilities. Therefore, the 2020 Toyota FT-4X will be rather a real SUV than a crossover, despite it will practically ride on the company’s new unibody platform, just like the new RAV4, C-HR, etc.

That won’t limit the 2020 Toyota FT-4X in terms of performances. It is about to come with a pretty rugged design, with high ground clearance and lots of off-roading aids. The 4Runner is still quite popular, but the company feels they it should also offer a smaller and more affordable alternative.

2020 Toyota FT-4X Rear view

2020 Toyota FT-4X Exterior

When it comes to the exterior design, we hope that the 2020 Toyota FT-4X won’t go far away from the concept version. As you probably know, the new SUV has its premiere in the form of a concept a couple of years ago. Its aesthetics were probably the most interesting aspect of the vehicle. No one doubts on Toyota’s engineers when it comes to quality, but we simply haven’t used to too stylish exterior designs under this badge.

Therefore, we hope that the 2020 Toyota FT-4X will follow the styling of the concept version as much as possible. That would mean a very boxy shape that makes perfectly clear that we are looking on the model for new generations. Despite tons of sharp angles and unique sheet metal, this SUV also features a typical SUV shape, which has a look quite similar to the original 4Runner. Also, there are numerous details that resemble the legendary Land Cruiser as well.


Toyota engineers pair a lot of attention to the Toyota FT-4X’s interior and we can just hope that the production version will keep most of these amazing features. It’s not hard to make the conclusion that this is an SUV for new generations. Besides the lifestyle-looking interior and a lot of room for customization, there are numerous design details that show how practical and multi-functional this cabin should be.

2020 Toyota FT-4X Interior

For example, it doesn’t feature a touchscreen but rather an empty slot of a smartphone. Also, door handles can be used as glasses, while you can also take off interior light and use it as a battery lamp. Moreover, some parts of the seats can be used as a pillow. Finally, the audio system is designed in such a manner that you can take it out and use it on any other place as well. The cargo area is very squarish and spacious, and also full of practicalities

2020 Toyota FT-4X Engines

This part of the new 2020 Toyota FT-4X is still a mystery. However, we can presume that the new SUV will come with a palette of Toyota’s familiar engine options, considering the platform. This would include a couple of four-cylinder engines, but also a hybrid version. Besides efficient engines, this SUV will also feature a permanent all-wheel drive, which will be a standard feature.

2020 Toyota FT-4X Release Date and Price

At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation. Still, many reports are suggesting its arrival already in the next year. According to some reliable sources, the base price should go around 25.000 dollars.

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