2021 Toyota Sequoia Might Get Complete Overhaul

There is no doubt that the aging current-generation Sequoia is getting close to the end of its production cycle. Introduced more than a decade ago, it definitely doesn’t have enough qualities to compete with much younger rivals. Outdated interior, poor fuel economy, and dull steering are just some of the issues that Sequoia needs to deal with in the near future. Therefore, the latest reports are suggesting the 2021 Toyota Sequoia redesign. Allegedly, we are about to see a complete overhaul, finally. The Japanese manufacturer is working on a new platform and it looks like this will be one of the first nameplates to jump on it. Expect to see the new model in a year or two.

2021 Toyota Sequoia Redesign

We have no doubt that the 2021 Toyota Sequoia redesign will bring a lot of novelties. As we already mentioned, the company is developing a new platform, allegedly codenamed F1. No matter the name, it should bring a lot of improvements compared to the current one, which is old heavy and inefficient. The new platform will underprint pretty much all SUVs and trucks from the company’s lineup. It will be modular enough to be used for both mid-size and full-size models. Also, count on a massive utilization of lightweight materials, as well as on tons of other design solutions that will improve the overall ride quality.

2021 Toyota Sequoia


Of course, another thing that comes to mind is styling. The current model features a pretty conservative design, eventually became a good thing, as it preventing the current generation from over-aging. However, there are numerous details that clearly indicate the age of this SUV. So, a redesign seems like a necessary thing. We count on a completely new design language, though we still believe that the company will stick to a more conservative styling approach, in some portion. Naturally, we will have to wait for some 2021 Toyota Sequoia spy photos to get more precise details about the new SUV.


Aesthetically, this part of the SUV will definitely bring the biggest improvements. The current model features a pretty disappointing interior quality for today’s industry standards. Tons of hard plastics and outdated shapes are what characterize this SUV. Not to mention the lack of comfort and technology features. Therefore, we expect to see a lot of dedication from the company’s designers. The new Toyota Sequoia 2021 should feature much finer materials, as well as much more style. Of course, we also count on loads of new tech features.

2021 Toyota Sequoia redesign

2021 Toyota Sequoia Engines

Our reliable sources claim that the Japanese manufacturer won’t give up from eight cylinders, despite obvious problems with fuel economy. It looks like the company is about to keep a familiar 5.7-liter V8, but also to make numerous modifications on it. All in all, the new version of the engine should bring improvements both in terms of power and fuel economy. Moreover, we could see some mild e-torque system, which would provide additional torque in certain situations, which would definitely have a positive effect on max towing capacity and overall capabilities.

However, that won’t be all, we could easily see a genuine hybrid system, based on a smaller and more efficient V6 engine. The exact details are still unavailable. Still, we presume the system would be based on a familiar 3.5-liter V6 engine and feature three electric motors, for a total output of around 400 horsepower.

2021 Toyota Sequoia Release Date and Price

The 2021 Toyota Sequoia redesign is just a rumor, so take it with a big reserve. If it happens, we presume that the base price won’t be much different compared to the current model. It starts at around 50.000 dollars.

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