Lexus Sport Yacht: Concept, Interior, Release Date

The Lexus Company has presented the Lexus Sport Yacht concept last year, and this January they have unveiled the production version of this stunning yacht. The concept model has surprised us all with its high-performance and the length of 42-foot which is powered by two strong 5.0-liter V-8 units. However, the production version is even larger than the concept model. It is 65 foot long and it is able to place up to fifteen passengers. It is more comfortable and there is more space below the deck but also on the main deck.

The Lexus newest addition has been engineered by the Toyota Marine Division and made by the boat manufacturer Marquis-Larson Boat Group. The idea came from the president of the TMC Akia Toyota which has spent a couple of days on the luxury yachts which were set to be launched soon in Japan and were made by the Toyota Marine Department. And the power of these turbo engines has inspired him to make this attractive and powerful yacht. As well, after its presentation in January, the Lexus Sport Yacht has nominated the “Boat of the Year” at the Japan International Boat Show.

Lexus Sport Yacht

What engines will power the newest Lexus Sport Yacht?

The all-new Lexus Sport Yacht concept is powered by two 5.0-liter V-8 engines which are the variants of the same engines used in the Lexus RC F coupe, the new LC 500 grand tourer, and the GS F sport sedan. Each unit is able to develop 440 horses or 328 kWh and thought the pair of hydraulically stern-drives it is able to speed up to 49 mph or 43 knots and it is excellent to handle. The total output is 885 hp. In front of the driver, there is a color touchscreen with navigation, entertainment system, underwater sonar etc. and through which the driver controls the systems.

Lexus Sport Yacht screen

Design and technology

The Lexus Sport Yacht concept features a CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) construction, the material which is used for the race cars and supercars such as Lexus LFA, racing boats, and bicycles. Thanks to this carbon fiber reinforced plastic construction, the Lexus Sport Yacht is lighter for around 2,200 pounds compared with the yachts of similar size which are made of FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic). As well, the hull is designed in a way to provide better handling and to reduce the resistance.

The Concept version was able to place up to 6 people while the production version is able to welcome up to 15 passengers. The driver’s seat is power adjustable and the armrests can be folded out and becomes the seats. The passenger cabin is covered in leather with some nice glass and wood accents. There is also a sofa for six people and a table in the middle. Furthermore, for more luxury and comfort, there is an air conditioning too. Among other features, there is a refrigerator under the counter, a stove, a shower, an entertainment system with 4G Wi-Fi & WAN, a Mark Levinson Reference digital amplifier etc.

Lexus Sport Yacht cabin

Release date and price

The Lexus Sport Yacht should be available in late 2019 in the United States while it should arrive in Japan in spring 2020. The pricing is not yet known.

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