Lexus UX Crossover Concept: Review, Interior, Engine

The Lexus car maker has announced its Lexus UX Crossover Concept at the Paris Motor Show. However, the first presentation to the public took place at the Detroit Auto Show. With its bold and unique design, the upcoming crossover SUV will appeal to the many, especially to the young buyers.

Furthermore, not only that the UX model will attract with its distinctive design, but it will also offer unconventional design of the cabin. It will feature latest seating setup which should provide more comfort and better driving experience. Dimensionally, it will be about the same size as the brand’s smallest crossover, the NX model. However, it will be 5.0 inches lower and 1.2 inches wider. As for the engine, the company has already announced several versions, as to say the UX200, UX250 and UX250h. This means that the new Lexus will offer several types of engine under its hood including a hybrid model.

The key competitors of the new Lexus UX crossover will be Mercedes-Benz GLA, Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Infiniti QX30.

Lexus UX Crossover Concept side

Lexus UX Crossover Concept types of engines

When it comes to the engine of the newest Lexus UX Crossover Concept, there isn’t any official information. What we know for sure, is that the Lexus car maker has already trademarked several model versions. Those are the UX200, UX250 and UX250h. So, we can assume that there will be a choice of several engines. The base could be a 2.0-liter 4-cylider turbocharged engine. However, the exact performance and any further information are still unavailable. Furthermore, the UX250h will most likely feature a hybrid drivetrain under its hood which should be a combination of a traditional gasoline engine and an electric motor. The specifications for this one are also unavailable.

Design of exterior and interior

The new Lexus UX Crossover Concept will represent a mixture of futuristic, modern and powerful. Its design is very unique and will definitively be eye-catching. The exterior of the UX model is all about the edges, sharp lines and geometric shapes. The front end is dominated by the Lexus’s well-known spindle grille which will feature unique mesh pattern. The headlamps are sharp and narrow and will get LED lighting. The whole front fascia will look bold and aggressive. Moving to the rear end, we will notice attractive taillights and dual square exhaust outlets. As well, the new UX will also get unique design of the wheels.

Lexus UX Crossover Concept side

Inside the cabin, the Lexus UX Crossover Concept will also continue with the modern and futuristic design. The first thing we will notice are the seats. They won’t get conventional seating configuration but the new flexible ‘Kinetic seats’ which should provide more comfort. Moreover, the car maker will offer it with two-seat and four-seat configurations. As for the equipment, there is still no available information.

Release date and price

The Lexus UX Crossover Concept has already been presented to the world. However, if and when it will go on sale, we don’t have any official details. The price also, is still unknown.

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