Lexus Sport Yacht: Concept, Interior, Release Date

The Lexus Company has presented the Lexus Sport Yacht concept last year, and this January they have unveiled the production version of this stunning yacht. The concept model has surprised us all with its high-performance and the length of 42-foot which is powered by two strong 5.0-liter V-8 units. However, the production


2019 Toyota Alphard: Price, Specs, Powertrain

Able to haul up to eight passengers, the Alphard model is a full-size multi-purpose van (MPV) produced by the Toyota manufacturer since 2002. This 5-door has been changing through three generations among which the first lasted unit 2008. Then the second generation debuted in 2008 and has been present on the market


2019 Toyota Aurion: Price, Rumors, Changes

The Toyota Aurion is a mid-size sedan which was primarily made for the Australian market and some parts of Asia. This model is also known as the Toyota Camry outside of Australia. It debuted back in 2006 and its production has been stopped in 2017 when it has been replaced with the


2019 Lexus LF: Concept, Design, Powertrain

The Lexus LF represents a series of vehicles made by the well-known brand Lexus which includes sedans, coupes, crossovers, SUVs, convertibles etc. The LF is an abbreviation of the Lexus Future and includes new engines, unconventional design both inside and out, modern technology etc. Some of the models include LF-A, LF-FC, LF-LC,


2019 Toyota Crown: Price, Interior, Specs

Besides the Century, the Toyota Crown is the second most luxurious model in the brand’s lineup which is sold mostly in Japan. The current model is now in its fourteenth generation but with the new 2018 model year, the Crown has just entered the fifteenth generation which is expected to go on


2019 Lexus SC: Specs, Rumors, Powertrain

The Lexus SC is a mid-size luxury coupe which has debuted back in 1991 and was designed to compete against other luxury coupes such as Acura Legend, Infiniti M30 Coupe, and Mercedes-Benz SL. The first generation lasted until 2000 when it has been replaced with the second generation model in 2001. The


2019 Toyota Allion: Powertrain, Specs, Price

The Toyota Allion is a compact sedan which appeared for the first time back in 2001 and it is made for the Japanese market only. We also know it as the Toyota Premio. The first generation model lasted until 2007 when it has been replaced in 2007 with the current, second-generation model.


2019 Toyota Hiace: Improvements, Review, Price

When we mention the Toyota Hiace model, the first thing we could think of is its reliability. This model first debuted back in 1967. And it has been available in several body styles such as pick-up, double cab, minibus, and van. Since its introduction, it has been changed over the five generation


2019 Toyota Innova: Specs, Powertrain, Price

The Toyota Innova is a compact multi-purpose vehicle which first debuted in 2004. It is mostly sold in India, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Jamaica, and Taiwan. The first generation lasted until 2015 and meanwhile it has been redesigned several times. Besides the new headlamps, grille, taillights, bumpers and so on, this model has


2019 Toyota Estima: Pricing, Specs, Design

The Toyota Estima is an MPV which is also sold under the name of Toyota Previa and Toyota Tarago in Australia. It first debuted back in 1990, and since then it has been changing through three generations. The current, more precisely, the third generation has been released in 2006 when the carmaker