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2018 Toyota RAV4: Hybrid, Price, Adventure

The Japanese car maker has decided to give a few upgrades to the one of their most popular SUVs worldwide. So, this time we will talk about the upcoming 2018 Toyota RAV4. This compact crossover SUV is known for its spaciousness, excellent ride quality and great offer of safety features. As well,


2018 Toyota Camry: Hybrid, Specs, Price

The next generation of the Toyota Camry is ready to hit the market. The upcoming 2018 Toyota Camry will bring various upgrades in every segment of the vehicle. This mid size sedan has always been very popular on the road and one of the brand’s best-selling vehicles for more than a decade.


2018 Toyota Avalon: Hybrid, Price, Review

The Japanese manufacturer has presented the flagship of its sedan lineup, the new 2018 Toyota Avalon. The Avalon stands above the Camry model with whom once it shared similar design and shape. However, after the redesign of these two models, somehow they each managed to get unique and self-distinctive look. The Avalon